Which Sentence Expresses Your Agreement In A Group Discussion

October 15, 2021

Summary: If you were unable to start the discussion, try the summaries and close. A good summary would bring you good reward points. A conclusion is when the whole group decides for or against the topic and most DGs do not have a closure. But each GD can be summarized by getting to the heart of what the group discussed. Keep the following points in mind when summarizing a discussion: Exercise restraint in everything. You will end up being frowned on when trying to show your knowledge. You can do in a seminar group where you need to lead a group discussion or have a discussion after an oral presentation. You can show leadership by: Gautam believed that the more he spoke, the more likely he was to get through the GD. So he interrupted other people at every opportunity. He did so many times that the other candidates came together to prevent him from participating in the rest of the discussion. False starts are extremely costly. They will cost you your entrance fee. It is very important to listen and understand the subject before expressing your opinion.

Behaviour during the D.G.: Be patient; Don`t get angry if someone says something near your objection. Stay objective and don`t take the discussion personally. Also think about the six Cs of communication – clarity, completeness, conciseness, trust, accuracy and courtesy. Be grateful and receptive to other people`s ideas and open-minded, but don`t let others change your own point of view. Be active and interested throughout. It`s best to participate less if you have no idea about the topic. You can listen to others and take clues and talk from there. You would be judged on a number of different skills and you might think that leadership is key, you have to be careful not to dominate the discussion. How can I take my chance to speak: Trying to interrupt others while they talk would only hurt your chances. Be fact-based and avoid individual opinions that have no factual basis.

Make eye contact with all members of the group and avoid watching the panelists as they speak. The average duration of the group chat is on average about 2-3 minutes per participant and you should try to talk 3-4 times. Therefore, you need to be really sharp to reflect the most in these 30-40 second slots. If you decide to initiate your GD with facts, figures, and statistics, be sure to quote them accurately. .

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