Unified License Agreement

October 12, 2021

4.1 If deemed appropriate, the licensor may, at the request of the licensee, extend by ten (ten) years, subject to the conditions set by the licensor, the duration of the certificate at the request of the licensee, if this is done during the 19th year of the licence term. The decision of the licensor is, in that regard, final and binding. РBroadcasting: Licensees should not offer a broadcasting service or DTH under this licence and apply for a separate licence to offer it. Iptv is however allowed. РCross Ownership Prohibitions: no licensee or promoter may participate directly or indirectly in another licensee who has access to frequencies in the same range of services. The exception granted in the previous license regime for unifi̩d access service ends when the service license expires, and licensees must meet this requirement within one year of migrating to the Unified License. For the purpose of providing the service, the licensee must install its own devices in order to be compatible with the licensee`s applicable systems. The licensee is solely responsible for the assumption of rights and damages resulting from its exploitation. PROVIDED that the licensor, alone or through a notified body, still has the right to operate the service anywhere in India, including the licensed territory for which such licence is granted. .

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