Study Assistance Agreement

October 9, 2021

If the study assistance is not approved, the reasons for refusal must be provided to the applicant by the Data Protection Officer and/or delegates of category 4 or higher, and the request is forwarded to the Human Resources Department only for archiving purposes. The maximum assistance available for time exemption and financial aid is four courses per year per authorized personnel. The financial aid consists of a taxable allowance paid by the institution through the university`s pay slip, after proof of the successfulness of four courses per year, regardless of the status of the fees or the structure. No other financial support is provided. Study assistance includes two forms of assistance to legitimate staff: financial aid and the freeing up of time. When an authorized staff member requests both forms of educational assistance, the delegate must approve both forms of assistance. For more information on faculty and section support, see the Student Assistance Guidelines. In the event that a staff member with approved study assistance is seconded or seconded to another area of the university, the employee retains the authorization until the end of the authorized semester (including one-year units). Other study aids require another application, which must be approved by the new work service. Financial aid only applies to courses where an employee has personally paid the course fees and has not received any other financial aid funded by the university for his studies, for example.B payment by a scholarship. The release of time should be used for study purposes (e.g.

B attendance at courses/tutors on or off campus, attendance at boarding or examination schools, private studies or research). Financial assistance is available for employees classified at levels 1 to 10 inclusive of the USQ. An authorized employee receives a taxable allowance paid by the university`s pay slip system up to the agreed financial aid limit after completion of the approved course. To obtain the taxable allowance, an employee must apply to Human Resources: for the employee to be eligible for assistance, the studies must be completed at the University of South Queensland, unless the university does not offer a comparable program. Employees studying at an institution other than the University of South Queensland must provide the Executive Director (Human Resources) with written justification for approval or otherwise. Taxable allowances for student financial assistance are available as follows: Whether or not to authorize educational assistance at an institution other than USQ The study permit must take place within the employee`s normal working hours and does not contribute to overtime worked by the employee (e.g. B overtime, leave). Financial aid may also be available for Level B staff members who do not possess a PhD to conduct an approved program of study in order to obtain a doctoral qualification in a field relevant to their field and in accordance with USQ`s objectives and objectives. . . .

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