Stamp Paper For Loan Agreement

October 8, 2021

My dear Raja, did your father sign on empty paper or stamp paper? Do you reimburse the amount in cash or without cash? Is there any evidence that you pay @Rs 10 as interest rate? Dear Rmahesh, how are you going to justify this to the IT department? They took out a home loan, but did not use the amount for this purpose. If you took it for construction, can your banker check the status of the house, I`m right? Can I find out how you`re going to do it? Income returned to you may also be treated as “income from other sources”. Propose that you take a CA. I work in a small private company and I receive income of 23k by hand. Now I need an amount for my expenses. So, if I make available a check a posteriori and a debt note against a loan by hand, I can get a credit of about 35k, which is very urgent. Hello, nice blog. I have a good idea about the PR and the credit agreement. My question is that last year I lent my friend 38 laces that I received from the bank in the form of a loan (home loan). I wrote PN in the Rs 3 document and francized it for Rs100.

It`s not interesting, because he helped me when I was studying. A friend of mine is in the United States and his wife is in Inde.Sa wife is expecting some money from her husband so she can take a country and build a house in Hyderabad. But she wants to keep the estate in her name and she is ready to repay her husband in the future (interest & principal amount). Well, what kind of credit agreement should be concluded between wife and husband and the loan agreement should be problem-free, although problems like divorce/separation, etc., will arise in the future. So he returns this amount directly to my bank, where my credit is available. Do I have to pay any taxes or legal issues from the income tax team? Hi, Shreekant. This is a very good article. I have a doubt, so if you can only help me, it will be great. I know someone thanks to my cousin who would take a sum of 1 varnish and pay 1 year 5000 per month, and after a year he will return 1 varnish. Honestly, my profit would be 6,000 francs for the loan. He calls it an investment.

He says he will give a bond paper that says he received 1lack from me and after 12 months, 1 lack of me will be reimbursed. But it doesn`t mention anything more than 5,000 monthly payments. What I want to know is that if he includes the monthly payments in the contract document and he doesn`t pay me those payments, could I pay him in court to get my money back? Will the bond paper be valid to fight it in court? As Shakespeare wrote, “Because the loan is often lost to both itself and its friend.” If you lend money to a friend or family member, make sure you don`t get your money back and that your relationship may never return to normal. Think twice before lending money to a friend.

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