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April 10, 2021

[3] There are five types of patent licenses:2 A patent that grants ownership of an invention, but it will not pay you. There are a few ways to make a profit from your idea. The licensee undertakes to execute all documents, documents or other instruments that may be deemed necessary or desirable for the performance of the exclusive right and licence granted to the taker; and to execute all documents that may be deemed necessary or desirable in all appeals or remedies brought under this Agreement; and the licensee also agrees that he will testify in all cases of disruption or litigation if the taker requests it at the licensee`s expense. It is necessary that the person developing a licensing agreement have a good technical understanding of the intellectual property itself and the trade agreements envisaged by the parties with respect to intellectual property rights. There may be, for example, a case in which a very simple licensing agreement, dealing with a single patent belonging to the licensee, is required. On the other hand, it may be necessary to create a number of agreements that could provide licenses for patents and trademarks, and even, in certain circumstances, the agreement of third parties on the intellectual property rights necessary to grant a license in full effectiveness to the taker. A lawyer can help you determine the scope and complexity of your agreement. Notice of proposed third-party products – In the case of an exclusive license granted in all or in many areas, the licensee may first focus on a limited number of products or uses for the technology granted. In order to support Harvard`s mission to promote the common good by commercializing Harvard`s technology as widely as possible, Harvard may include provisions similar to those in the link below, to encourage a taker to develop third-party products or to sublicate the Harvard patent licensee`s rights to a third party to enable the development and commercialization of additional products. Recently, a company came to Bengaluru with the concept of electric scooter, although the price to pay is high, so it is inaccessible. In addition, the Kerela government has asked all public traffic to be electric vehicles.

It may therefore be proposed that a patent license be granted for the global scope of the products and that they be mandatory or free for the common good. This is a type if the license that the licensee has granted to various product manufacturing organizations. The sublicensing may confer certain rights granted by the licensee on a product to a third party. A patent licensing agreement is a contract between the patent holder, the licensee and another, the licensee, which gives the licensee the right to use, develop, manufacture or sell the patented technology or process, if not exclusively to the patent holder. A patent gives its holder the exclusive right to make, use, offer and sell the patented technology or patented process. See 35 US. C No. 154. The licensee may grant any of these rights. A license is not a sale and the licensee remains the owner of the patent. Thus, patent licenses allow an inventor to commercialize his invention, commercialize it, produce it at a higher level than his individual capabilities, which maximizes the performance of a new technology or process.

The granting of a right to sublicensing to third parties also raises a number of important decisions that must be taken into account by the parties when awarding this part of the licence.

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