Kidzee Franchise Agreement Pdf

September 24, 2021

To apply for a franchise at Kidzee Playschool, you need to visit your official website, where you will find the application form on this page. Complete the application and submit it. The data subject will call you further in the procedure or contact you by e-mail to collaborate with his company. Here you can find the Kidzee Play School franchise contact number and zonal address, you can use it according to your area. C. Products. Accessories and materials. After the conclusion of this franchise agreement, FRANCHISOR will endeavor to make available to the manufacturers or suppliers designated by FRANCHISOR the approved equipment and all other products necessary or approved by FRANCHISOR to be used in connection with the site center, insofar as franchisor`s suppliers are able to deliver them. The franchisee purchases the authorized device and all other necessary products from a supplier who respects the franchisor supplier`s acceptance. Guidelines as described in Section 5,”J. of this Franchise Agreement. E. Direct monitoring.

The franchisee acknowledges that, in granting such a franchise, the franchisor is an essential consideration that the franchisee`s centre is placed under the direct and local control of the franchisee or, if the franchisee is a corporation or partnership, by a contracting authority previously authorized in writing by the franchisee, unless the franchisor has expressly approved otherwise in writing. (3) Pay FRANCHISOR in a timely manner all funds due and due, including initial franchise fees, royalties, purchases of products or other items, in order to maintain its franchise. The basic condition necessary to qualify as a kidzee school franchise is a property or area with a minimum area of 2000-3000 square feet and about 12,00,000 capital investments. Kidzee always encourages and welcomes passionate young entrepreneurs who can give it a 100% commitment and commitment to promote the quality of training and put their efforts into organizing the future in a better way. Like any other franchise, the Kidzee Playschool Center has a standard franchise agreement valid for 6 years and can be renewed after the conclusion of the contract term. . . .

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