Ipr Licence Agreement

September 24, 2021

Access to innovation at Harvard should be as simple as possible. Our licensing agreements are fair and reasonable, and experienced OTD employees work with you to help you achieve your business goals. To give you an idea of how these licenses take shape, we are happy to provide you with a number of model agreements here. If you have any questions about these models, please contact us. What could be better, an intellectual property assignment contract or an intellectual property license? The reality is that there are pros and cons to each choice, depending on your needs and interests. Most of the time, IP holders want to retain control of their intellectual property and opt for the licensing of intellectual property. This is an advantage, as you can determine how your IP is used and switch partners if a partnership is not advantageous. In addition, granting an intellectual property license allows you to obtain a constant income from your intellectual property for a certain period of time and perhaps transfer the same rights to multiple users. What happens if the IP concerned has a different duration than the agreement? (for example. B licensed patent and patent expires before the end of the agreement).

For example, in France, there is a concept of “inappropriate cessation of negotiations” or “abusive termination of talks”. When the counterparty accepted the offer, there was a binding agreement.. . . .

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