Finder`s Fee Legal Agreement

September 20, 2021

In many cases, the Finder`s Fee can simply be a gift from one party to another, as there is no legal obligation to pay a commission. An intermediation fee is therefore different from a service charge which is a mandatory fee paid to a person or undertaking in exchange for the provision of a service. A Finder`s Fee (also known as a Referral Income or “Referral Fee”) is a commission paid to an intermediary or intermediary in a transaction. Mediation fees are rewarded because the intermediary discovered the agreement and drew the attention of the interested parties to this point. The presumption is that, without the mediator, the parties would never have reached the agreement and that the intermediary therefore guarantees compensation. Sometimes valuable business information, potential customers and contacts come from an external source. A Finder`s Fee Agreement describes the relationship and compensation expected in a relationship in which an incentive is offered in exchange for new leads or customers. Documenting your agreement on paper helps to ensure that the interests of both parties are presented in specific terms. A Finder`s Fee agreement can also help overcome future differences of opinion and avoid so-called uncertainties. To get a Finder`s Fee, you need to find a company or organization willing to pay one. Common scenarios for Finder`s Fees are: “Rocket Lawyer is a useful tool for professionals who need legal documents at an affordable price.” Rich May, P.C., a law firm founded in 1937 in the heart of Boston`s financial district, focuses its practice on corporate, financial, civil, energy, real estate, entertainment and wealth planning. Among the firm`s clients is a large group of companies in New England and across the country.

Rich May offers the breadth and depth of expertise typically associated with large national companies, while maintaining the fast and personalized service found in small regional businesses. Rich May clients have direct access to experienced lawyers who know both the client and the area of investigation and can offer timely and practical legal solutions. In NTV Management, Inc., v. Lightship Global Ventures, LLC overturned the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court`s finding of a lower court that found that a Finder`s Fee agreement was not enforceable because it was voided under Massachusetts and federal securities laws because the Finder was not registered as a dealer broker. . . .

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