Cozeep Agreement

April 8, 2021

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) has entered into a contract with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to provide services on a necessary basis. The HHKW ensures, if necessary, the awareness of the work areas and the application of the speed limit. The inter-institutional agreement shares the responsibility between Caltrans and KWK to improve the safety of highway workers and motorists in and around flight zones on motorways. Caltrans and cogeneration staff work closely together to identify measures needed to address the safety of highway workers and motorists, roadside checks and expected delays. Cooperation issues may include methods of communication on construction sites, roadside assistance, acceptable traffic delays, emergency plans for traffic mobility and response routes. There are two parallel programs, the Construction Area Enforcement Improvement Program (COZEEP) and the Maintenance Area Enforcement Program (MAZEEP). Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) is a congestion assistance program that uses special towing services to remove vehicles involved in an incident. As part of the traffic assistance program, FSP is managed by the Sacramento Transport Authority (STA) with the support of Caltrans. During construction, FSP is assigned to manage the incident as part of a cooperation agreement with the STA, which outlines the services provided and the transfer of resources. With the instructions of the UC, the CHP would be responsible for the provision of FSP. In the event that an emergency vehicle must have access to a particular section of a blockage, the contractor and the UCs must do everything in their power to facilitate the safe access of these vehicles. Caltrans TMC coordinates and manages information for road users.

Under the direction of the TMC manager, the TMC identifies fixed CMS and SRs on the state highway system, which are used during the construction of the “boat division” to provide information to the travelling public. Correct signature and radio messages are sent by the TMC as soon as situations occur. Close coordination between Caltrans TMC and the City of Sacramento`s Traffic Operations Centre (TOC) is essential to enable the city to respond quickly to incidents and disseminate information to key operational stakeholders in the city if necessary. The TMC manager will also consult with adjacent caltrans districts for the use of the respective CMS and MSMs. COZEEP is a program used by California Highway (CHP) officers during construction to improve the safety of construction workers and the engine public. The types of enhanced enforcement that THE BHKW will offer include stationary patrol vehicles for speed enforcement, queue control and traffic control monitoring. Cogeneration officers can also be assigned to traffic control operations and provide all necessary emergency assistance services.

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