Aluminium Agreement

September 10, 2021

All companies submitted their 2018 annual reports on time. All reports were verified by ECCC and showed that all companies met and met their 2018 emission targets for so2, TPM, PM2.5 and PAHs (see tables below). The PM2.5 Working Group was established and is comprised of industry, the Aluminum Association of Canada, the provinces and ECCC representatives. So far, three annual working group meetings have been held. The working group discussed the results and sampling methods of the PM2.5 measurement campaigns conducted so far, the criteria for setting a quantitative PM2.5 target and the validation of the method for measuring PM2.5 emissions from potted roofs. Most facilities submitted their action plan, which outlined the implementation of the Code of Conduct on the Reduction of PM2.5 Emissions from the Primary Aluminum Sector. Due to special circumstances and with the agreement of ECCC, one organization did not present its PM2.5 action plan; it will be tabled in 2021. As part of the agreement, Airbus will supply a wide range of advanced aluminum laminated and extruded products, including wing plates, hull plate sheets, and rectangular and pre-tensioned plates for structuring components. “This agreement reinforces the long-standing partnership between Constellium and Airbus and underlines Constellium`s leadership in the market for advanced aluminium products and solutions,” said Jean-Marc Germain, CEO of Constellium. “We look forward to working with Airbus to strengthen our relationship through our product development, manufacturing, supply chain and recycling capabilities.” In his speech in Ohio on Thursday, Trump said U.S. tariffs on Canada were necessary to defend the domestic aluminum industry because northern producers had broken their commitment to no longer flood the U.S.

market with a cheaper product. The move is “absolutely necessary to defend our aluminum industry,” he said. Potroom electrolysis: production of aluminium by electrolysis of alumina which dissolves in a cryolith bath. . . .

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