Afp Enterprise Agreement Commencement Date

September 8, 2021

(b) a worker who works such overtime that the worker has not had at least eight consecutive hours off duty, plus 30 minutes of travel per journey, between the termination of regular service of a day or shift and the commencement of regular service on the next day or the workstation, shall be compensated at the end of the overtime; until the worker is out of service for eight uninterrupted hours, plus 30 minutes of travel per journey, without loss of wages for the normal working time that occurs during the period of service. (ii) Staff members must be informed individually of job changes no later than 48 hours before the start of the change period. D.6.2 All SWS collective agreements must be agreed upon and signed by the parties at work and to the employers participating in the audit. If a trade union interested in the prize is not involved in the evaluation, the evaluation is transmitted by the Fair Work Commission to the union by registered letter and the agreement takes effect, unless an objection is notified to the Fair Work Commission within ten working days. 3.1 The company covered by this award is the company that forms the Australian Federal Police within the meaning of the AFP Act. (c) Additional payments for the performance of tasks at a higher level of classification are included in the salary if, for an uninterrupted period of at least twelve months, the worker is immediately before the date on which the worker ceases to work. (e) indicate the date on which the agreement entered into operation. Note: If any of the requirements of section 144(4), which are set out in the requirements of clause 4, are not met, the agreement may be terminated by staff or by the Commissioner with a written period not exceeding 28 days (see section 145 of the Act). (b) Any payment of a certain amount of paid annual leave shall be subject to a separate agreement in accordance with clause 15.7. (a) Where a worker is required to travel as an accompanying person, the worker`s total length of service, exceeding eight hours, shall be paid at the overtime rate in effect for a period of 24 hours (calculated from the beginning of the service).

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